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Our MISSION is to connect, encourage, and spiritually feed Christians working in the gaming industry. As a Christ centered organization, we encourage fellowship, collaboration, team focus, and modeling to others the Salt and Light of Jesus. Our CORE VALUES include: incorporating God into all we do, excellence, artistry, quality, regard for others, moral commerce, and discipleship. We are NON-DENOMINATIONAL and welcome people of all abilities and backgrounds.

Our Conference is held annually, during the Summer, in the Portland area and includes various speakers, workshops, events, and an Expo. People come from all over to fellowship, share their experiences, and build each other up. Meals (included in registration) are communal and nearby accommodations (limited amount, separate charge) are low cost. Transportation from/to Portland Airport is available. New attendees often comment on the “community feel” they experience and many often return year after year to reunite.

The Christian Game Developers Conference is a 501(c)(3) entity. This means your donations via PayPal or mail are now tax deductible:

We welcome your input and look forward to see you all. God Bless.

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