Classic Concepts and Me

Whether one person or over twenty people, tell us about your place and company culture. Explain the niche your trying to carve out in the Christian Game arena.
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Classic Concepts and Me

Postby Exevalon » Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:05 pm

Hey all, I thought I'd make a topic about my game company, what's my vision for the future and a little background about myself.

So firstly, my name is Raul and I was born in Puerto Rico. My father was in the Army so we moved around a bit, so my first years were in American schools and English was my first language. My family would speak to me Spanish though, so I could pick it up by ear but speaking it was an entirely different matter. In 1995 I moved back to Puerto Rico and had to learn to speak Spanish fast in a few months. It was a difficult time for me as I had to adjust to a school system entirely different than the one in the states, I was the new kid who was a g r i n g o (Spanish term for an American tourist or person who speaks English, the term could be deragotary or be positive depending on how it's used), I had to make new friends again and cope with the idea that I wasn't going to return to the US to live again for a long time. However God provided for me throughout the difficult time, even before I had known God personally. I came to Christ finally through VBS in 1997 and I've never looked back. Throughout those years, Video Gaming was my favorite hobby, in addition to other creative things like building Legos.

I've had a creative mind for a long time, but never really developed or trained it much. I liked thinking up scenarios and I still have a short story I wrote back in 1994. Before I could draw, I loved the thought of writing and would try my hand at writing up a fantastical story, but again it wasn't something I did often. I would draw every now and then or do something artsy also, but not consistently. I still have a Sonic the Hedgehog glass painting I did from 1998, and that was a lot of fun. So I've noticed that one of the things that excites me is worldbuilding and inventing stories and inhabiting that world with creatures and characters. In 2003 I got into a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, so I picked up a little coding, but that degree wasn't what I wanted, I was more visual. So finally in 2008 I switched it up and got into Game Design and did that bachelor's in two years. I followed that up with a Master's in Graphic Design, because I love design as a whole and want to complement my Game Design skills with a critical visual eye.

Alongside all of this, I've grown up through my teenage years and into my adult years in the Church. Going from a youth to a young adult and running through the different areas of Church. Youth Groups, Church Board, teaching Sunday School, Preaching, leading Devotionals. Eventually a calling emerged for Pastoring. And so, as I grew in Christ, so did also my dreams for designing and developing games from a Christian's perspective. In what ways will these two things combine? Only God knows, but I have ideas regarding it. I'm moving towards gaming being my day job, but I know pastoring when that time comes will also be taking up time, and so I want to find a way to seamlessly incorporate both and be faithful to God. So, enough about me, now let's talk games.

Back in 2004 I started a project called Flames of Abathos. Inspired by films like Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings (I've never read the books to this day), and inspired by games like Shining Force, Phantasy Star and Dragon Force to name a few, I wanted to create a Strategy/RPG full of beautiful allegory, supposals and inspirations from Scripture but also testimonies of people's experiences with God. In Flames of Abathos, you are not one of the usual tropes of D&D inspired classes, but rather a Burner Knight. A Knight with the capacity to burn a flame. There are 11 different flames and each one represents a Gift of the Spirit. Gameplay wise, some have offensive capabilities, others defensive and others blend both. Depending on the Flame a Burner Knight has, he or she is also gifted with an innate Spiritual gift. I've worked on and off on this project knowing it's a long term thing and also wanting to improve my skills before I tackled it fully. Leading me into my next project...

N9NEHART. This project is a Sci-fi Action story I'm using as a sort of spring board for me to develop my skills and then move in towards Flames of Abathos. N9NEHART is inspired by films like Universal Soldier, Robocop and Terminator, and games like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil and Uncharted. It's a cinematic game who's base idea is what would a Special Forces or Super Soldier team look like and work like if they were all female instead of male. And so I began to develop the story of Alice Ninehart and the story of N9NEHART itself inspired by strong female characters like Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor to name a few. But also looking into other strong female characters who aren't necessarily fighting robots or aliens. And so I've been working on N9NEHART since 2012 and have a load of art and writing behind it but only now am I actually moving towards a game through Winged Victory, a sort of prequel to the main story in N9NEHART.

Aside from those two big projects, I have other concepts written out for stories and games; Warrior is a side-scrolling action/rpg in the tradition of Act Raiser, Golden Axe and Altered Beast, maybe even a little Ghosts N' Goblins. Chronicles of the Free-Knight is my Shining Force tribute. Wasteland Chronicles is my post-apocalyptic story. Beasts of Legend is a horror/thriller story concept. Wanderlust is my fantasy/adventure game concept taking the open-world RPG to a new level. Automata is a wacky Sonic inspired game involving a small robot and pinball mechanics. Overunity is a Strategy game concept involving perpetual motion machines and technology. And then there are plenty of other smaller ideas I've come up with and written down but havn't fleshed them out too much.

What I aim to do with Classic Concepts is to develop and design games that will stand the test of time. Big words, I know! I want to create the classics of tomorrow by tapping in to not only modern concepts, but also traditional concepts that always connect somehow with people. Classic Concepts, Modern Design. I envision the company not only as a developer of games, but maybe even branching off in the future into films, animation and art. I'm starting off with baby steps first and trusting in God always. I look forward to sharing with you guys my games and ideas and expect good feedback to help not only polish me but polish the games and the vision God has put into my heart.

I tried to keep it short but there was a lot to say hehe. So I tried to break it all down into small paragraphs. I'm looking forward to spending the next 11 months with you guys and have many things to show for it at the next CGDC. God bless you all!

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