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Game Concept Backlog

Postby WhiteFortress » Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:23 am

I'm kinda at a standstill in gamedev. I have quite a backlog of creative ideas and thought I'd share a short list of a few of them here. I posted a poll over on the facebook group - click here to see the poll if you're part of that group:

1. ZombieAD
Originally conceived as an FPS
A First Century Zombie Paintball game
(The idea was first conceived for a gamejam project, but it never really came to life*).

2. The Galatians Adventure Game
Originally conceived as a 2D platformer
Having lost his notes, Paul searches high and low to remind himself what he needs to tell the church in Galatia.
(I wanted to do this as we were studying Galatians with the students in our youthgroup).

3. Crimson 1
Originally conceived as a small 3rd Person 3D Open World Adventure on the moon
As a robot you are the only survivor of a Crash landing on the moon. Discover, Repair, and Survive your way home.
(Initially created to serve only as a testbed for research, it is now well along in production but needs much optimization and polish. I was going to move on - it has already done what I set out to do with it, but it still has lots of potential and could be taken further.)

4. Crimson 2
Originally conceived as a 3D Open World Adventure
A conscientious robot, upon returning to Earth, your ability to react on your own makes you a target to be shut down.
(In the development of the storyline for Crimson 1, ideas for a sequel proved even more exciting to me.)

5. Odyssey's Venture: Burden of Heart
Originally conceived as a 2d platformer and as a precursor story to Delphia.
A Dreamer named Odyssey (aka 'D') works with the homeless but finds herself daydreaming herself into their nightmares.
(In part, adapting from life, I have worked with a Non-profit to the homeless and wanted to make a game that helps support it.)

6. Care Seed Stories
Originally conceived as a physical book, Or, optionally, I thought to do a 2d interactive book as well.
A collection of 10 short Children's books written (in rhyme) to encourage both kids and adults.
(I wrote the first story long ago, and recently this great creative work surfaced and inspired me to do more).

7. Delphia: The 2nd Saga
Originally conceived as a 3rd Person Open World Stealth Adventure of Discovery
Despite her Christian upbringing, the young girl, Delphia, discovers she was created in a laboratory and has to ask herself, "Was I made by God or Man"?
(This one is my dream game. All games here are in some way part of Delphia's Universe. The deep storyline extends across 7 'sagas' of her life. - and beginning with the second saga sets it up for a prequel/origin story about her creation :) )

*(note: the Zombie pun on the first item was intentional, #sorrynotsorry :D )

- Scott Bjerk

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Re: Game Concept Backlog

Postby Exevalon » Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:44 am

Lot's of great ideas here Scott! I think you should work in the direction of building Delphia: The 2nd Saga by way of making the other games first. So, ideally it would be either a middle to last game. You could also work on it slowly as you go. If your at a standstill, I think you should try your hand at designing something else. Maybe something even totally unrelated to your projects here. Just as a way of reenergizing yourself and giving you ideas you may have not considered previously for these games.

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