Searching Bible Games on Steam... :(

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Searching Bible Games on Steam... :(

Postby WhiteFortress » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:53 pm

A search on Steam without a keyword (basically search for all games) reveals there are 20973 results. Then, using 'Bible' as a keyword, only 15.

Of those, 5 are related to the "FIVE: Gaurdians of David" game. Others in the results include Kings of Israel and Adam's Venture Chronicles. I don't know how 'Biblical' the rest of the offbeat search matches are - certainly 5 do not really belong.

That means that MAYBE 4 or 5 of these are a valid count of Bible games on Steam.... really? 5/20973 = 0.023% ... yes less then a percent... in fact less than 0.025 PERCENT of games on Steam are Bible Based games (or at least when 'Bible' is the search criteria used)! Is this for lack of an audience... lack of developers.... or perhaps submissions... I just don't understand this. (The numbers are no better for the search word 'Christian' maybe adding 1 or 2 to the list).

There are of course additional games under Greenlight, but they do not add significantly to the list. Plus, "Visions" did not come up in this search, so I know there are perhaps a few more that are present, did not show up. (Why the terms 'Bible' or 'Christian' are not in the description for Visions, I don't know!)

I feel like I might just have to be the change I want to see to get something out there under when searching for a 'Bible/Christain' game. Thanks to the teams behind "Five" and "Kings of Israel" and "Adam's Venture" for leaving behind a glimmer of hope.

- Scott Bjerk

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Re: Searching Bible Games on Steam... :(

Postby Mherrera » Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:23 pm

Yes Scott,

I understand your frustration. I found that I had to expand my search terms in order to find relevant games. I've used: God, Almighty, Lord, Christ, Jesus, Holy, Apostle, Redeemer, Scripture, Bible, Sacred, Divine, Heaven, and a few other terms that I'm not remembering. You can view the list I came up with in the CGDC Steam group discussion.


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