Some Game News Sties to Try

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Some Game News Sties to Try

Postby OathAlliance » Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:43 pm

[Copy-paste from FB group at Michael's request]
I know that some people in here are interested in getting news about their games out (general news, reviews, etc.). I understand it can be hard getting bigger gaming sites to take a look at your work. So, I'd like to provide the names of some sites I really like, who might be willing to write something about your games. - Nice Christian game news site that does news and reviews of both Christian and Secular stuff. Even a lot of non-religious gamers I know respect them. - A bit bigger than CCG, but a good group people. They tend to do more general news/reviews (no specialty). - More of a specialty site, but they still do news/reviews on general games.
Hopefully, this list will give some of you ideas of people to talk to. Good luck out there!

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