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Embedding Links

Postby Mherrera » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:02 pm

For those of you who would like to embed a link that displays alternate text (e.g. text says "here" and the link is http://www.thisplace.com)
Click on the URL button and bbcode (distinctive by the braces it uses) will appear at the current cursor position in your post. Something like:

(open brace)url(close brace)(open brace)/url(close brace) - except that the (open brace) is replaced by [ and the (close brace) replaced by ]

in the first set of open / close braces, after the url, add "=http://www.thisplace.com" making sure that its positioned INSIDE those braces. The alternate text that you want to display is typed BETWEEN the two sets of open / close braces, like this:

(open brace)url = http:/www.thisplace.com(close brace)here(open brace)/url(close brace)

and it will show up as:

For those wondering why I don't use the braces in the examples above, because if I did, it would convert it to bbcode (as its supposed to) and you would see it as such (rather than typed "as is")

Hope that helps.

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